Babu’s and Goons – Where does it end?

Some time ago, I had written a blog post about an event in our complex.

That event had me squaring off with a large number of Goons, hired by an Owner in our complex, to intimidate and beat our Security Guards.

I had later learned that the offending Owner was a small time Politico with a family member that was a higher up Politico.

I’ve now learned that he never stopped his officious behavior.

For going on three weeks now, our complex has operated with nearly no Security whatsoever.

For the last two weeks we’ve had none.  Not one Guard.


Because this so-called Babu has family who owns a Security Agency and when our EC was in the process of hiring a new Agency almost a year ago, he had suggested his family connected Agency to replace them.

Our EC chose another firm.

And those Guards were harassed day and night by supposed “Owners” who turned out to be mostly Goons hired to come in and act like Owners.  So that Agency quit.

A new Agency was hired, again not the lower level Babu’s Agency.  Again the threats and harassment started with the new Agency.  The new Agency had younger men and they gave back as good as they could.  They even attempted to file FIR’s against the more violent offending “Owners” but were told these people had “connections” and no FIR was filed.  The new Agency gave notice to the EC that if the abuse continued they would quit with only two weeks’ notice.

Four weeks later, they were gone and we had a new Agency.

This new Agency, again not the Babu’s family Agency, faced the same harassment and complained to the EC.  The EC Members (real Owners who are doing a thankless job) tried to work with the officious Babu only to be met with the same threats. The harassment continued, although these new guards seemed able to sleep through most of it and their shifts.  Until about three weeks ago, when one was hit by an “Owner”.

And so now here we are.  No Security in a complex that has already faced two robberies and bordering on the edge of a newly developed area with less police presence.

So the EC did the only thing they had left to them to do.  They went to the lower level Babu’s, higher level Politician Family member.  Who also happens to represent our area.  This person promised to help.

Unfortunately, our society has now become “famous” amongst Security Agencies and no one wants to work for us.

Living in the US, I had never had to face such issues.  I never lived in a complex that needed to be guarded because the Police were always just a phone call away.

But here that isn’t even possible.

So now, what to do?  Wait and Watch.

In the meantime, we are installing a security door and I don’t answer the door unless I know who it is.  All other’s can come back once my husband is home.

Chalta hai India!

© 2012 Gori Rajkumari


4 thoughts on “Babu’s and Goons – Where does it end?

  1. Sigh. I don’t know how to bring about a change in my country. I don’t know what the problem is. I don’t know why people in India can “hit” a security guard and get away with it, without being prosecuted by the law. I don’t know why no FIR can be filed against the offenders if they have a few “connections” up their sleeves. I don’t know why corruption is so deep rooted in the Indian mindset. It saddens me beyond words.

    Each time I think of moving back to India, I hear stories that fill me with paranoia. It makes me feel so helpless and lost 😦

    • Oh Pepper,

      I really hate that you feel that way about your own Country. I love India. But I’m slowly learning that while she is changing me in many good ways, she is also changing me in way that is not good. Too often now, I roll my eyes, throw my hands and say “What to do?” and then walk away to save my own health.

      For so long I fought with these people and against them and it was like they were determined to remain this way. It was as if they refused to see that someone else was going to be standing up to injustices and that if they did too, neither would be alone anymore. It was like they liked the drama of living this way.

      Bear and I have talked about this a lot, and we’ve decided that India isn’t the place for us to live full time. In order to live healthy lives we need for our biggest worry isn’t what other people are doing to make our lives miserable but if someone remembered to buy the toilet paper. India almost forces you to live by the next bully’s rules – and we don’t want to live like that.

      Bear and I both think though, that change is coming. Most likely not in our lifetime and it’s probably still a long time away before more than a handful of people start reacting to the injustices in their daily lives.

      People say that if you want to make a change, you can’t do it from outside the country. But Bear and I feel that you can make bigger changes from the outside, dealing with and talking to like minded people to bring about change or start foundations, than you can from within dealing with corruption, Babus, Goons and the average everyday Any-man who’s looking out only for himself.

      But change is coming and that’s what is important.

      • If people really wanted to bring changes in their lives , why don’t they go out and support movements like anti-corruption that benifits everyone.
        It is not just Babu’s or not politician’s fault.
        Blame is on castes/ethinicity/region/religion most People thiinks only about themselves or their family or commnunity. For example a poor bihari is living in living in slums in Pune, majority pune natives like Marathis wouldn’t care much or help those poor outsiders. In India people expect their politicians to act on their problem or solve them. They just dont go to babus because of corruption.
        People with less or no education also expect politicians to find them jobs. Unemployment of such people is rampant in India. Politicians helps them in hope of getting votes in the election in that area. The incident you have mentioned probably has something to do with it.

        I would blame myself first than pointing fingers to babus or goons. Recent Hazare’s anti-corruption campaign flopped because people like you and me did not show up to support him. This only emboldens babus and politicians. They think that no-one is above them. When point a finger at others you are actually pointing back four fingers at you.

      • FromUSA,

        I agree, more people need to get involved rather than sit back and say “pretty” things. I did attend a rally for Anna Hazare here in Pune with my husband, but unfortunately attending rally’s is about all I can do. As I am not a citizen, I do not have voting rights nor much say in the political atmosphere. In my case, all I have is my voice.

        Going to the police or local MLA has about as much affect for me as a foreigner as trying to mosquito’s by waving my arms. I’m told that I just don’t understand the way of things and then politely shown the door while they smile and shake their heads at me. Or worse yet, they ask me for money to get things done…because they think I must be wealthy and no amount of me telling them that I am an Housewife to an Indian citizen changes their views on this.

        It’s frustrating to say the least.

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