Comedy Central has made it to India!


Got Tata Sky? Then check for channel 218! That’s right! You’ve got Comedy Central!

It’s finally arrived in India!

24 Hours just chock full of 30 Rock, ‘Allo ‘Allo!, Fawlty Towers, Goodness Gracious Me, Hope & Faith, Happily Divorced, Popcorn TV, Punk’d, Reno 911!, Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld, South Park, That ’70s Show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Kumars at No. 42, The Office, The Wonder Years, and Yo Momma!!

I’ve even seen some signs that they might be adding *Mash! Oh frabulous day!

The hardest parts? That every 5 words out of Eric Cartman’s mouth are *silenced* out and that they put that silly Comedy Central logo over Kitty’s face when she smokes because Red’s mother is coming to visit.

The Best part? Duh! The Daily Show with Jon Stewart!!!

Otherwise, its pure fun and I’m super happy to have yet another channel to enjoy!

© 2012 Gori Rajkumari


11 thoughts on “Comedy Central has made it to India!

  1. They’ve got the Big Bang Theory and 2.5 Men on “Star World”.

    But, to me it’s all meaningless until they start beaming “Married with Children” on Indian televisions. If it’s not MwC, it’s just not TV ! There is nobody, and I mean nobody, funnier in all of Television-Land than Al Bundy.

    Uncle Al Bundy even got me through my most-despairing-moments of Grad School. Half an hour of Al Bundy could make all my Grad-School-Blues vanish away ! And that Kelly Bundy ? She just fine !

    • LOL Chris! Ah the Bundy Family….not sure I want the Indian public to see that show and think they’re an accurate representation of an American Family!!! 😉

      That being said…that show was hilarious! 😉 I loved it whenever Al went after Marcy! FUN? YES!

      I saw a snippet of M*A*S*H on there and got all excited thinking that they would show that (that was my all time favorite show) but nope, haven’t seen one episode of it so far.

      • So, last night, I caught 2 full hours of the Jerry-Springer show on my Indian TV. Don’t remember the channel-name, but this channel basically carry most of the CBS shows.

        So, there I was, sitting in front my TV, late at night, going, “Jerry, Jerry”, along with the TV-audience. Good times ! Took me right back to way-back-when.

        Jerry Springer : ’tis not quite Bundy, but ’twill do, in a pinch !

  2. Hey! I love the Daily Show as well! The censoring is a bit irksome though–while watching an episode, I noticed that they censored the word ‘penis’ (which is a perfectly acceptable word).

  3. I haven’t found time to watch that channel yet 🙂 But the censorship thing isn’t surprising, it has gone through the roof in the past few years and I simply don’t get it, I can maybe understand beeping the f..word in a movie, that was what they were doing about 8 years ago when I first rrived in India, but now it seems that even scientifical words refering to genitals need to be beeped! all in the sake of what? Apparently to keep all show family friendly, simply because it seems it would be a crime to turn off the TV or tell your kids to go in their room at night so you can watch uncensored comedy!
    I now tend to download even more stuff than before because of this censorship, because it reached a point where coitus has to be beeped in the Big Bang Theory…sigh!

  4. I am enjoying the new channel, and thanks for letting us know!
    I also find the censoring way off, and enjoy the titled equivalents on the other channels.
    Today when watching Two and a Half Men they censored almost every punch line in the jokes but ‘oral sex’ was allowed?
    Perhaps it has to do with the people doing the titles actually understanding the words! 😛

  5. Have you noticed that on Goodness Gracious Me this morning they censored the woman smoking but then played a commercial showing the school teacher on South Park licking a stuffed bunny between the legs? I think this country needs to work on it’s censorship requirements lol.

    • Yes. I noticed that! Even I was uncomfortable with that and most likely the reason why I don’t watch more of South Park. Some things they do just make ME uncomfortable! 😉 And I have noticed that when Red smokes they don’t censor that out. It seems that they only censor out a woman smoking? Redunkulous!

      • Yeah, that was my point. They only censored the woman smoking. I also noticed they only censored women on a few other points and they only bleep certain words when dirtier words are said later. I can only imagine they don’t understand the implications of what is being said or done.

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