Medical Mask a Must!

What to Wear while in India?

A lot has been written about what to wear or not wear while visiting in India.

Quite obviously, you wouldn’t wear your finest “Walmart People” outfit when visiting in India (see the link for excellent albeit scary examples).

However, one thing that I almost never seen anyone suggest wearing is the medical mask.

Available at any Medical Shop

Why do I suggest it?

Here are some very simple reasons:

1)      Pollution: India’s pollution rate is very high and air quality is no exception to this. Air pollution is a huge problem due to biomass and wood burning, vehicle emissions, construction “dust” and naturally occurring (earth) dust.

2)      Illness: While India’s infrastructure is struggling to meet the needs of the masses, air borne diseases are rampant. Without having grown up with immunity to India viruses, you’re likely to catch it.

When visiting India’s more populated areas, it’s important to remember that if you’re visiting you are not going to be used to the air quality that a city in India will offer.

Wearing a medical mask when out for long periods or in crowded environments or travelling on busy roadways will help you to stay healthy and enjoy your visit.

It may look silly or be hot, but trust me…its well worth the effort. And you’ll enjoy your stay a lot more!

You can buy medical masks at practically any medical shop in India at a very cheap rate (we bought bulk last time for 100 rupees and I still haven’t worn them all).

So next time you head out, don’t forget that the mask might be a fashion faux pas….but when you are NOT sick later you really will NOT care! 🙂

©  2012 Gori Rajkumari



2 thoughts on “Medical Mask a Must!

  1. That’s good advice. It’s also worth pointing out that a significant number of Jain (religion) people do cover their mouth and nose while they’re out so you won’t look as much like an idiot as you feel like. It’s not that uncommon to see those masks here in Amritsar or people with handkerchiefs or dupattas tied around their face to cover their nose and mouth either.

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