Confessions: Cultural Arguments or just a Remote Control?

Someone recently asked me if Bear and I have arguments related to our differences in Culture.

I really had to think long and hard about this one. I wanted to be able to give as honest an answer as I possibly could.

But the one thing I kept coming back to was that I really couldn’t think of anything that we fought about that had anything whatsoever to do with our cultural background or differences.

Because…truly…we don’t have many differences.

We played the same games as kids; we just had different names for them.

We had similar educations.

Our family values had been the same.

Our ideas, beliefs, opinions and religious beliefs have matched fairly straight down the line.

But, as any couple…we do have our arguments.

To be fair, I should share them.

Are you ready? Are you sure? It’s rather shocking, so here it is…

We fight over the remote controls in the house and the big brown chair.

Every day, Bear comes home and steals away my lovely big brown chair, grabs the remote to turn the channel to a Sports channel to torture me. At night, he either turns off my AC or turns the control up to a blistering 26.

So you see…we are like any other married couple, squabbling over control of the remote, living our lives, loving one another and revealing in the beauty of life that God has chosen to give to us.

I hope that our life squabbles are always as easy as who “owns” the remotes. Because that answer is easy…from 8am-7pm Gori owns them…from 8pm-7am Bear does. 😉

Addendum: After reading this, Bear asked for me to add this…

“I feel that we do not argue because we talk TO each other and not AT each other. We discuss things before they become a problem. Also, I bring you a lot of Chocolate. 🙂 


© 2012 Gori Rajkumari


8 thoughts on “Confessions: Cultural Arguments or just a Remote Control?

  1. u a practising christian & he a Hindu & u had no arguments while trying to convert each other.u might have had an argument about what faith ur child would be raised with

    • Hi Sfd!

      Thanks for the comment!

      Actually…I’m not really a “practicing” Christian. Both Bear and I are more spiritual and see God as ONE God for all. We both feel that the different religions of the world is just God’s way of explaining things, in ways that his children can understand. For some it’s Christianity, other’s Hinduism, still other’s Islam and so on and so on. We practice the good things from both our religious backgrounds and are really very compatible in our thoughts on how to raise our future children spiritually rather than religiously. 🙂

  2. “I feel that we do not argue because we talk TO each other and not AT each other. We discuss things before they become a problem. Also, I bring you a lot of Chocolate.”

    Nah…. I am pretty convinced its the chocolate…. you are too stubborn to talk sense into! 😛

  3. Yup that’s pretty much how it goes for us too, I think if we had cultural arguments they were a long time ago, the biggest was about food stuff on our plate and we solved that issue by just eating different food at meal time, but yeah we bicker about the fan’s speed, the AC, the TV and why on earth there is an empty carton of juice back in the fridge…your same old regular couple stuff 🙂

    • I know right? I mean, so many people think that because of our being born in different country’s, we most be so dissimilar from each other. But my feeling is that he is just like me and I am just like him. In him, I see myself.

      Except that he tries to steal the remote far more often than I do! 😉 hehe

      And I totally get the food thing! Bear doesn’t eat Tomato and I LOVE all things tomato. He doesn’t eat pasta and I was practically raised on it. He doesn’t like mushrooms and I can’t think of anything better than a stuffed mushroom drenched in garlic butter! So, whenever I feel like I want one of those things, he get’s whatever sabji I asked our maid to make for him or he get’s my world famous kichidi or upma! 😉

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