Green Tokri Farms


When I first moved to Pune, my biggest lament was not being able to find fresh (and safe) salad fixings like I would find back home.

For two years I craved a salad with Iceberg lettuce or Romaine. But the only leafy greens I could find were Spinach and while I like spinach IN my salad, I do NOT like an all spinach salad.

Then, one day while shopping at Dorabjee’s (can I just say how awesome this store is and how many times it’s saved my sanity???), I came across some fresh leafy greens that were not spinach. Next to those were red radishes and celery.

All with the label “Green Tokri Farms”.

I did some research and found that Green Tokri Farms is an organic farm nestled in the foothills of the Sahayadris Mountains on the outskirts of Pune.

Not only do they have a lovely selection of fresh herbs and vegetables, but they also have a wide selection of leafy greens not normally found at the local fruit and vegetable markets here.

Add to that their wide range of homemade salad dressings and marinades and I was in heaven!

But the best part?


That’s right; they will deliver straight to your door just like your local Kirana. They have specific delivery timing for each area of Pune, but you can bet that they deliver to your area at least once and probably twice a week.

My new favorite from them is the Oriental Dressing which is perfect either on your salad or as a dip for Spring Rolls.

So check out Green Tokri and see if they can’t satisfy the salad eater in you!

Check out the Green Tokri Website! They’re also on Facebook!


© 2012 GoriRajkumari


PS: And thanks to my good friend and fellow Pardesi (the other half of a Desi relationship) friend of mine EK!


6 thoughts on “Green Tokri Farms

  1. I loved green tokri when i was in pune! We even got to take a tour of the farm back in 2009, not sure if they still do that…i so badly wish for something like that here in bangalore. If you ever hear of something similar please let me know as i am unable to find good salad fixings here!

    • spar sell decent salad dressings in bangalore, you can even luck out on some good lettuce.
      Namdhari fresh sometimes sell the salad leaves and seasoning, but yeah I think for salad fixing bangalore is even worse than mumbai

  2. Aww if only they could deliver to Mumbai! Their selection is so good, and their dressings and things so reasonably priced. I would be in salad heaven in Pune, I LOVE salads.

    • I dont know if you can do it in india but we have grown rapunzel salad,field salad in a container (actually it was the one we bought mushrooms in i think) just filled it up with soil and planted it. Radishes grow good in a container as well. I guess you would need to grow them inside,your kitchen perhaps? I dont know but it may be worth a try.

      • Hi My Next Life Will Be!

        Thanks for the suggestion, that is a great idea! Maybe I can convince Cyn to do this on my behalf. My thumb is brown. 😉 I wonder if anyone else here has tried this?

        PS: Sorry, I have to approve all comments and was away for two days. 😉

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