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I’ve been away and so busy with family obligations lately, that I’ve neglected you all!

For that I’m truly SORRY!

But, I’ll be back tomorrow and will have all sorts of lovely updates for you.

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The Whole World’s Mixing…and It’s FUNNY!

How many of you love comedy?

I’m a huge fan of going to comedy shows or watching them.  I have Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, George Carlin, Eddie Izzard, Dane Cook, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Whoopie Goldberg, Dennis Leary and Robin Williams all on DVD.  I’m sure you’ve heard of most of these guys.  They’ve either gone on to do TV Shows or Movies.

I have Jeff Foxworthy on tape.  Never heard of him?  He of the ‘You Might be a Redneck If…” fame?  Oh man, you’re totally missing out.  This man represented MUCH of my life growing up in a small town in the middle of a small valley in the rural south.  Check him out here….



But I hadn’t ever heard of any Indian Comedians until I started making friends in the Desi community and they introduced me to Russell Peters.

Never heard of him?  Ohhhhh man do I have a treat for you!  Check him out here…


© Gori Rajkumari 2011

How to keep an Expat Housewife Sane – Pictures

Ever wondered what is required to keep an Expat sane in India?  Especially an Expat Housewife with nothing on her hands but time?

Ever wanted to know what was required as a Spouse of an Expat Housewife in India to keep said Expat Housewife sane and happy and not ready to dance on your head the moment you get home from work?

Well look no further!  These pictures will explain it all!  ;P

Lots and Lots of Movies! © Gori Rajkumari


Yes.  I really do have all the Harry Potter Movies.  Yes.  I bought them.  ::sigh::


Lots and Lots of Books!! © Gori Rajkumari


Yes.  I brought my entire collection of Stephen King and Nero Wolfe books to India.  Yes.  It cost a fortune and more than the books all together were worth.  No.  I do not care.  Yes.  I am making my husband ship them all back.  😛


Lots and Lots of Salsa and Chips and Pepperidge Farm Cookies! © Gori Rajkumari


No.  I did not share with my husband.  Yes.  He did sneak chips when I wasn’t looking.  No.  He’s still alive.  For the moment….


And CHOCOLATE and COFFEE!!! © Gori Rajkumari


Yes.  The Chocolate IS the reason why the Husband is still alive.  😉


And Lots of trips to Chili's which I hated in the US and now can't get enough of! © Gori Rajkumari


Yes.  They have the Oldtimer Burger there.  No.  It’s made from Lentils, Potato and Other various mashed veggies.


Do NOT forget the Mosquito Bat! Hours of fun to be had! © Gori Rajkumari


Yes.  That IS a dead mosquito you see in the top right hand corner of the racket.  Yes.  I did enjoy killing him.  VERY MUCH.


36" TV? OK. Cricket? YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! 😛 © Gori Rajkumari


Yes.  The Husband still needs training.  No.  He does not realize that American Football and Baseball are the only acceptable forms of sports entertainment to be watched over long periods of time that do not extend beyond 3 hours.  Yes.  Cricket extends WAY beyond 3 hours.  No.  You may not ‘do him in’.  😛


© Gori Rajkumari


That’s right!

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