2011 GR Blog Awards – Winners Announced!

In Early November, I challenged you al to nominate your favorite Blogs and Blog Posts.

And in typical fashion, you all came through with style!

It’s because of all of you that today’s winners are announced.  Many of them I am also an avid reader of but a few new blogs were pointed out to me (and have been since added to my links list).

There were two categories that needed to have Honorable Mentions as they missed winning by one point and in both instances they were ties!  For Best Blog and Runner Up, I have included the most touching comment that came in for the winner of each group.

The Award Badge for each class can be found beneath the winner’s Title and Website Address.  Please feel free to either copy the picture from my page, link to it or email me should you want the original JPG.  I will try to send some of these out by email tomorrow, however I do not have the email address for every winner.

So hearty Congratulations to the Winners of the 2011 Gori Rajkumari Blog Awards!

So, without further ado, I give you the winners and their site badges!

Best Blog for 2011

Best Blog for 2011:  The Big Bad Blonde Bahu


I have nominated her because she shared a deeply personal and truly difficult (and long-term) experience with us all and remained so much more witty and positive then I could ever imagine myself being.  She truly deserves Best Blog for 2011.

Runner Up for Best Blog 2011: Lucky Fatima


Her style of writing and topics notwithstanding, but it’s also her ability to express an issue or topic in a story format which is intriguing, fascinating and profound (while sometimes being very funny).  I cannot pick just one of her posts because they are ALL good.  Therefore, I nominate her for Best Blog 2011.


Best Blog Category for 2011

Most Diverse Blog:  Nepaliaustralian



Best International Blog:  Delhi Bound



Most Entertaining/Humorous:  Neo Indian



Best Recipes or Instructional Cooking:  What’s For Lunch Honey?



Best Blog on Intercultural Relationships:  Musings from an American-Nepali Household



Best New Blog category:  nepali jiwan



Best Culturally Informative Blog:  Diary of a White Indian Housewife



Most Educational:  The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker



Best Personal Blog:  Kay in India



The Awards for Blog Posts

Most Moving or Profound Blog Post:  Scrumptious Weekends


Most Educational Blog Post:  Diary of a White Indian Housewife


Most Witty Blog Post:  An Indian’s take on Desi and Videsi Influences



Honorable Mentions

Most Witty Honorable Mentions



Best New Blog Honorable Mentions



© Gori Rajkumari 2011


2011 Blog Awards – 2 More Days to Enter

© Gori Rajkumari 2011


Only two days left to nominate your favorite blogs or blog posts!

I’ve gotten a lot of recommendations, so be sure to get a chance to vote yours in.  The winner for each category will be the one with the most recommendation.

See my original blog post here for category’s.

So be sure to send me an email at GoriRajkumari@gmail.com with your vote!

PS:  Yes, you can vote for your own post or blog!  😉

2011 Blog Awards!

© Gori Rajkumar 2011

It’s been an eventful year!

I’ve had a hard time keeping up with all the blogs that I enjoy reading and I know many of you feel the same way!

So many of these blogs bring joy, thoughtfulness, information, views, ideas, and hilarity into our lives on a daily (for those of us that blog more often than I do) basis.  They give us the real life insights that are often neglected or not espoused.  They make us laugh and cry.

In honor of these blogs, I am sponsoring an Award Event for the following categories:

  1. Best Blog for 2011 – This can be for any class of writing, whether it be fiction or not, the blog needs to be the most interesting, informative, creative or educational.
  2. Runner Up for Best Blog 2011 – Same as above.
  3. Best New Blog
  4. Most Diverse Blog
  5. Best International Blog – giving views on experiences from cultures other than their own.
  6. Best Recipes or Instructional Cooking – I LOVE Food.
  7. Best Personal Blog
  8. Best Culturally Informative Blog
  9. Best Blog on Intercultural Relationships
  10. Most Entertaining/Humorous

I’m also going to give awards for personal blog posts, which are:

  1. Most Moving or Profound
  2. Most Educational
  3. Most Witty

I’ll be giving out badges for each category that I’ve made and that can be put on your blog/website.

Entry’s need to be submitted by December 5th and Winners will be announced on December 15th.  Please send the name of the blog and URL that you wish to enter as well as for which category it belongs to.

Send your entry information to:  Gorirajkumari@gmail.com

If you know the email address of the blog that you are submitting, please give that too so that I may contact them should they win.

You may, of course, submit your own blog!  😉

So who are you going to nominate?

© Gori Rajkumar 2011