Wedding Cup Cakes aka No Fuss No Mess Easy Morning After Breakfast :)

So I realized that I never really came back here and updated my site with pictures of my most searched item.

Yes, that’s right.

The top search that brings people to my most illustrious and totally awesome blog spot is….


Just kidding.

Actually, Superman IS in the top search and has been since I wrote blog on a discussion Bear and I once had about Superman and Lois Lane, but that isn’t my top search.

Here are my top searches:  wedding cupcakes, superman, cupcake wedding cakes, clock, cupcake cakes.

Apparently, people REALLY wanted to know all about wedding cup cakes, ideas for wedding cup cakes and whether wedding cup cakes were an acceptable alternative to the tried and true wedding cake.

I’m here to tell you that they are.  TOTALLY.  🙂

Above you will see actual pictures of our wedding ‘cake’.  We decided to do it a little different though.  You see, I’m all about spoiling my husband in every way possible.  My husband is not easily spoilable when it comes to sweets as he’s not too keen on them.

Luckily, I was raised on Angel Food cake (and of course the triple fudge cake with fudge icing and chocolate chip lining) and I introduced Bear to said Angel Food cake along with some freshly cut and powdered sugar sprinkled fruits.  It was love at first ‘not too sweet’ bite.  From then on, Bear always asked me for Angel Food cake as a desert, to which I would reply “What about the CHOCOLATE darn it???”  🙂

So, instead of using a traditional Bride and Groom cake for the top, or even larger Cup Cakes as some sites suggested (to go with the whole Wedding Cup Cake theme), I decided on a Mango flavored Angel Food Cake topped with fresh fruits and whipped cream on the top and in the middle.  This went on top of our Cup Cake tray.  The tray itself was supposed to be covered with inexpensive metallic gold gift wrap to go with our cream, red and gold themed wedding.  However, last minute craziness being what it is that never happened so if you look real closely at our cup cake tray you’ll see the trademark look of the styrofoam.

Finally, the Cup Cakes themselves.  The flavors were Chocolate (hellllllllooooooo?  Like I’m not going to have chocolate somewhere in my wedding?) with a cream icing and a red rose on top and rich Vanilla with a red colored cream icing and creme colored rose on top.

Our bright yellow daisy’s, vibrant red roses and dark greenery complemented every table and traditional center piece.

Having our ‘Wedding Cake’ be actual Cup Cakes worked out well for everyone.  I didn’t have to pay for a cake cuter or a person to stand and cut the cake.  I didn’t have to pay for extra plates or wrap for people to take a piece of cake home.  The cup cakes were easy for everyone to carry home with them.  They were easy for the kids to eat.  The adults loved walking around, chit chatting and making fun of the icing on their friends noses and upper lips.  Plus, I got to eat my Mango flavored Angel Food Cake AND a chocolate cup cake!  Also, we had leftovers (cause I miscalculated how many people would actually show up) and in their compact size I had no guilt eating one (or two) cupcakes the morning after.  😉

Then I wizened up and took some to our neighbors before I ate them all!

All told, our Wedding Cake and Wedding Cup Cakes cost broke down like this:

1) Wedding Bride and Groom Cake: $16

2) Cup Cakes from Ralph’s Grocery Bakery section, special order for 60 cupcakes:  $50

3) Styrofoam Extra Large Cake/Cup Cake Stand: $10

When we checked on just a normal, average, every day Wedding Cake to serve 60, the absolute minimum price with no color coordination was $130.

So my advice on whether or not to do the whole Cup Cake thing for your wedding?  GO FOR IT!