About Me

Where to start?

There are so many things that one can share to let other’s know who they are as a person that it sometimes becomes a game of pin the tale on the topic.

I’m a south eastern US girl born and raised,  working in the West when I met my husband, lived 3 years in Maharashtra India, and am now back where it all began (south eastern US)!

I was raised eating meat and potato’s, switched to a Vegetarian’s diet (which completely baffled my BBQ loving family back home) and am now back to eating meat but in a healthier and more restrictive way (fish, chicken, turkey).

Being born and raised in a small community, you learn many things.  You learn about equality and racism.  You learn what it means to grow up in a bible belt when your family is not necessarily religious but more spiritual and accepting.  You learn that in a small town it’s impossible to get away with ANYTHING because five minutes after you’ve done it half the town has called your parents.  You learn the true appreciation of nature, beauty and a love of all things wild.

I’m eclectic and like learning about anything and everything.  I’ll research something interesting until I’ve found every last particle there is to find on the topic.  I love Hindi music and Bollywood, but can totally rock out to the Killers or Pink Floyd while watching Fight Club, Die Hard, Pride and Prejudice or Steel Magnolia’s.  I can crochet a scarf or hat in no time flat but can’t sew worth a darn.  I can cook any Indian meal you want, just give me the recipe if I don’t know it and keep some Pepto on hand just in case (I like it spiiiiiiicy).

I used to be a Hunter/Jumper (horseback riding) until a tragic mix of stubbornness and horse met with stubbornness and girl and my knees took the fall.  All three falls to be exact.  I can still ride western though and yes, I still love the smell of a horse on a cool summer morning.

I’m a semi-professional, self taught photographer.  I should probably say still learning photographer as I have a long way to go yet.  My weapon of choice is my beloved Canon SLR.

I’m married to the most perfect man in the world and probably just about the most lucky girl in the world for winning his heart.  I’m still figuring out how I managed that one.

And I love to read and write.

So here I am.  This is me.  Welcome to MY world!

You can now follow me on Twitter!  http://twitter.com/#!/GoriRajkumari

18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am also an American ex-pat living in New Delhi, India. I am from Oklahoma, so I happily identify with backgrounds of bibles and barbecue. I’ve enjoyed you’re writing; I’ve been doing my best to share my perspectives on India for my friends and family back home

    • Great Idea! I’m looking forward to this! It would definitely be something I could have fun with, since my choice in Bollywood is eclectic! I’ll see what I can do and then let you know once I do!

    • Hi and Welcome Autumnsunshine124!! Thank you so much for the compliments! India is a fascinating/challenging/beautiful/heartrending place and I love writing about it!

      I hope to see you around with many comments! 🙂

    • You guessed it! I moderate my comments! 🙂 But it’s in there now and I PROMISE to come over and read your blog on Monday! Now I’m off…..weekends are special times with the hubby! Who’s presently passed out in his easy chair….. lol

  2. Hi Gori,

    I was looking up on stray dog laws in India and stumbled upon your blog. I did read through your blogs mentioning the various laws which protect stray dogs from being illegally transported and abandoned in another location.

    I work in Pune and have been fighting a similar battle and have met with exactly the same arguments. I’m fed up with reasoning with people.

    I wanted to know if you could point out/share documents on the exact ACT/RULE in Maharashtra or India which deals with issue I have mentioned above. I did look through the AWBI website but have gotten lost under the reams of pdf with confusing legal language.

    I have also checked the link which you have shared in that blog, however the blog doesn’t mention reallocation as illegal. And do they also apply for Pune Municipality?

    Hoping you can help me out here asap.


    • Hi Sus,

      I am so sorry you are facing the same issues. It’s such a shame that these people who profess to be devout Hindu’s so often fail to realize that their faith is respective to all living creatures. Here is the information that I sent to my Society board in a recent email.

      It is illegal to do the following and each will incur a fine and
      possible JAIL sentence:

      • Give an animal any injurious substance. It is illegal to
      put out poisoned food. (PCA,Section 11)

      • Transport any animal in any manner that will cause him or her
      unnecessary suffering. This includes loading cows into trucks without
      ramps and overcrowding the vehicle as well as tying up pigs and
      carrying them on cycles (PCA, Section 11). All violations of Section
      11 are punishable with a fine of Rs 100 and/or up to three months in

      • Sections 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code make it illegal to
      maim or cause injury to any animal with a monetary value greater
      than Rs 10. It is illegal to throw acid on cows (something that
      vegetable sellers do as a matter of routine). The Code also makes it
      illegal for cars to purposefully injure or kill dogs, cats and cows
      on the street. Offenders can be reported to the local animal
      protection group and police station and a case filed under the above-
      referenced sections. Punishment is a fine of Rs 2000 and/or a jail
      term of up to five years.

      • It is illegal for a municipality to round up stray dogs and abandon
      them outside city limits, as it places them in circumstances likely to
      cause their death from starvation and thirst.

      The Law can be found at this link: http://www.karmayog.com/dogs/hcorder1988.htm


      WRIT PETITION NO. 1596 OF 1998

      VII. Rules for capturing, sterilization, immunization and of

      5) While the dogs are being captured in any locality the
      representative of the animal welfare organisation accompanying the dog
      squad will make announcements on a public address system that dogs are
      being captured from the area for the purpose of sterilization and
      announcement may also briefly educate the residents of the area about
      the dog control programme and solicit the support of all the residents
      reassuring them that the Corporation in taking adequate stops for
      their safety.

      IX. Identification and Recording:

      Sterilized dogs shall be vaccinated before release and should be
      tattooed/ branded on their ears for being identified as sterilized/
      immunized dogs. In addition, the dogs may be given token/ nylon
      collars for identification and detailed records of such dogs shall be

      X. Killing of stray dogs:

      1) No stray dogs shall be killed as a rule subject to the
      exception of critically ill, violent, fatally injured or rabid dogs.
      The decision whether a dog belonging to any of these three categories
      needs to be put to sleep with the sole object of relieving it of the
      pain of such sickness, injury or rabies shall be taken by a panel of
      at least three doctors, one of who will be the veterinary doctors
      appointed by the Animal Welfare Board of India at its own expenses.

      Also, Blue Cross of Hydrabad put out a nice PDF that applies to the laws of all Animals in India which applies to Pune as well.

      Click to access animal-laws-and-prevention-of-cruelty.pdf

      You can also contact the a Pune Animal Rights Advocate. I know there is a N.G. Jayasimha, a Pune-based advocate and animal rights activist but do not know this person’s contact information. You can contact the Blue Cross here in Pune and they will know the name of someone you can contact.

      I wish you all the luck in the world….we recently lost one of Brownie’s pups to a PMC pickup as they never returned her and no one knows where she is even after repeated attempts to locate her. Ridiculous. 😦


  3. Hi,
    I am Padma Narayanaswamy a script writer
    and I write crossover scripts .While I was reading another blog
    I came across yur blog .
    I am interested and I look forward to read more blogs and thanks

    • Welcome Padma! I sincerely hope you enjoy your journey through my blog! Please be sure to come back as often as you can! Happy New Year!

      PS: What other blog did you come from? 🙂

    • Thanks Lori! That means quite a lot to me considering that I think the same of your blog!!! 😉 Hope to see you come back and comment soon!

    • Awww thank you so much! 🙂 Too many people say I read far too much, so it’s so nice to see someone who’s inspired by my nerdy habit! lol

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