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I realize that there are times when, even though you can post anonymously, you would mail_box_1123160prefer to post anonymously and to just ONE person.

I know when I first started looking for advice about my situation, it was great to read the blogs, but if my question wasn’t answered, I was less likely to post a question on a forum or a blog.  I wanted to be able to email that person directly.  Spill my guts out to them and then pray they didn’t think I was nuts.

So, with that in mind, I’m giving you the opportunity to contact me directly.

Have a question?

Need to vent and want a sympathetic ear?

Want advice?

Email me…I can promise to write you back as soon as possible.

Until then…stay sane 🙂

13 thoughts on “Contact Me!

  1. Hi GR

    I live in NYC and married to a gori who is about to start her own blog on wordpress. I have been hearing about Nirmal Singh and wanted to read about his/her exposure. I say “his” as I’ve my own thoughts about this person. Anyways, how do I log into the pw protected site?

    PS: My name is anon so that NS cannot figure out who I am.

    • Hi Anon!

      Right now I am not posting the information about her publicly. If you would like to know more, please email me privately and I’ll make a decision then. I’ve since updated that blog with further information that I would like to keep to myself until the actions being brought against her are finished. 😉 Essentially though, she is a woman and this has been confirmed through lengthy research on all our part.

      I can tell you this, if your wife decides to blog and she is worried about people like ‘Nirmal’:

      1) Keep it anonymous for her protection and that of your family. Also, this way she can speak her mind.
      2) Do not associate the name with anything that she has ever used online previously.
      3) Do not link to any of her personal sites.
      4) Do not use her own personal email address, create one for her blog.
      5) Don’t post any personal pictures.

      Good luck and have a great day!!!!

  2. Dear Gori,
    Just thought I’d write to tell you how much I enjoyed reading excerpts from your blog. I am not in your situation marriage wise, nor do I expect to be, but found many things in common. I am currently in Ohio, taking care of my mom. I love horses and competed in intermediate level horse trials and dressage. Went to a couple hunter/jumper shows in the Houston area, but preferred eventing. Love that romp in the countryside. Haven’t ridden since I’ve been in Ohio. thinking of moving back down to Texas. My future is also uncertain.I don’t really know how I came upon your site, but this was a fortunate accident.
    It occurred to me a while back, coincidentally after watching “Marigold” that I know very little about India. Well, not very much. I had a bad encounter with a Krishna at an early age, and it scarred me for life. Yes, I know he was some suburban kid from the U.S. but it still irked me to have this man in a dress tell me to buy a magazine for the sole reason that “it’s from India”.He was pushy and rude.Still I love the movies. Heck, I’d have to, I’ve been getting them from Netflix.My mom’s vivion is so bad that I have to read the subtitles for her. For three hours. I must admit, I love the singing and dancing. The fact that I won’t be served up a gore fest a la Quentin Tarantino is also a plus. The length can be a bit daunting. An Algerian friend confided to me that back in Algeria, they call very long movies, “Indian movies”. Well, that’s what he said. He may have been teasing.
    Let me know when you publish a novel. I’d love to read it. I too, read quite a bit. At least while I’m in the boonies of Ohio as a caretaker. Best of luck. I’ve marked you as a favorite.

    Susan Hill

    • Hi Susan!

      However you found your way to my blog, I’m very glad it did happen! I find in life that so many of us have so much in common even when it first doesn’t seem at all to be the case.

      I’ve also found that horse people just love other horse people. 😉

      Ahhh the infamous Bollywood picture. How I adore thee and fast forward through all the song and dance routines unless they are particularly hilarious or thrilling (I hardly ever fast forward Om Shanti Om and never 3 Idiots). 😉 But there is some magical beauty that just traps us when watching a Bollywood flick. My husband accuses me of only watching them to find out if it’s been copied from a Hollywood flick, but that’s only a secondary reason I assure you. hehe

      I’m impressed that you spend so much of your time, energy and love taking care of your Mom. This is a great reflection of you and your character and you should be so proud. I’m sure your Mom is! Especially reading out the subtitles for three hours!!!!! Heroic feat indeed!!!!

      I do hope to see you coming back and posting again in the future! Till then, take care and much love from India!


  3. Hi, You have really made a nice blog. I like the designs and color schemes. Most of all, I like your writing style!! After reading about your trials and tribulations, I kind of felt a little bit down. Hope you make it good in your adopted land !! Best of luck to you and your family 🙂

    • Hi Ruan!!! I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog but am also sorry that it made you a little bit down!!!! I didn’t want that at all! 🙂 I guess, my main goal here is to show everything that I’m going through, the good and the bad, because I wish I would have seen more of bad/hard stuff before moving here. It makes it easier to prepare yourself for the changes. You aren’t as shell shocked! 🙂 But please keep coming back and commenting! I look forward to it! Thank you for the luck!!!! 🙂

  4. i don’t know how but ya i have become fan of your blog.
    your writing skills really make me feel the situation, its really amazing. i read in one of your blog that you are having problem adjusting there i hope you do overcome fast.

    lastly you really are a good kind.

    Dr. apurva

    • Welcome to my blog and thank you so very much for the kind compliments! I am so happy that you enjoy it! I hope to see many more comments from you in the future!

  5. Hi

    I see you have used my painting (earlier this year) to illustrate a little story you have written about your dreams. I don’t mind you doing this at all but I would be quite pleased if you could somehow make it clear on your blog that the dreams/or the stroy you have associated with my painting are not in fact what my painting is about at all. I am very pleased that you found your own inspiration in it (delighted in fact) and that you felt connected to it in some way but i would like other people to be able to associate it to their own dreams if they see it anywhere on the web (rather than just thinking it is about dreaming about material possessions in any way at all.) It is in fact in a way a dream about escape from all of these things
    I hope you are enjoying your life :o)

  6. hi there my names tina, im currently creating a website for asian weddings, i was searching the website for a picture go on the main page, and ive come across your picture – Our wedding rings, i find this picture really amazing and really would like to use this on the website if i have your permission. can you please email me on my email address above or on to let me know. i would really appreciate it

    thank you tina

      • Hi my name is Deanna I am seeking any helpful advice or tips concerning my wedding. I am marrying and Indian man and we are trying to decide our wedding and we are really just looking for advice or any helpful tips on how to plan an American/Indian (Hindu) wedding. We want to incorporate both of our cultures into the wedding. Any advice or tips would be appreciated! Thanks

      • Hi Deanna!

        I’ll be glad to help you! I’m with my family right now but will be free on Wednesday and will write more to you then! Till then, take care! ~Aurora

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