Terms of Use

I believe strongly in the Freedom of Speech…however, that does not equal the main stream’s definition of the term.  Rather, I believe in the Constitutional Law that says:

“In the United States freedom of expression is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. There are several statutory and common law exceptions including obscenity, defamation, incitement, incitement to riot or imminent lawless action, fighting words, information decreed to be related to national security such as classified information, false advertising, perjury, harassment, privileged communications, trade secrets, copyright, patents, military conduct, and time, place and manner restrictions.”

This means that you may comment here, but do so with the understanding that if you wish your statements and/or opinions made public that you must abide by the Constitutions Law of Free Speech.

Simply put, be respectful.

Also, be aware that unauthorized use of my work (copyright infringement) or libelous /defamation of my name or anything copyrighted under this blog, will be dealt with in the strictest possible manner.  I will not waste my time trying to learn your identity but rather will pay my lawyer to do so when filling a civil or criminal case against you in Federal Court.

For more information on Copyright Laws or the laws as they pertain to Blogging.

COPYRIGHT PHOTOS/ARTWORK: When I use a photograph or piece of artwork on my site, it’s is only with images that I find during a search for “free use” pieces. Which means I purposely use advanced search for items not listed that a license is required. If I still have questions, I attempt to contact an owner. However this is not always successful.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you find something that you feel is an infringement of someone else or of yourself!!! I will happily remove it as soon as I am aware of it. I do not want to infringe or use anyone’s art without asking their permission first. 

All content found on this site has either been cited to the Owner of the material, used with the Owner’s permission or is the property of the Owner of this blog.
By commenting on this blog, you are effectively handing over the rights of ownership of your comment to the blog owner.
Copyright 2011 Gori Rajkumari

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