Where has Gori Rajkumari Been?

Here, there and everywhere. Nowhere.

She’s been to the US to solve issues surrounding Mr. Rajkumar’s Green Card application.

She’s been to the US to help her Father who’s ailing again…potentially a return of Cancer in a different body place.

She’s been to the US to visit a Mother recovering from a heart attack and stint surgery.

She’s been here in India dealing with monsoon and raised humidity, pollution, illness, family tension, Society Complex  issues, no power, no water, depression, isolation, persecution, friends who aren’t friends and no grapes or Hazelnut coffee creamer.


There haven’t been any decent grapes in months and Dorabjee’s stopped stocking Hazelnut Coffee Creamer.  The horror. The travesty.

Things have happened here so quickly that haven’t really allowed me to heal from each previous instance. Right when I thought I was moving away from one problem, another one would raise its head.

They came in groups of groups of three’s.

It takes a mental toll and I just haven’t had the wither all to write. The ole acumen and creativity just got sucked dry.

Many of you have written to me in that time. Many of you have been so kind in your concern and wishes for my health and return.

Thank you.

It made a huge difference in knowing that people out there cared whether I was OK or not. I mean, your family and husband have to care right? 😉

Currently, I’m on anti-Anxiety medication, a multi-vitamin and low dosage sleeping pills. This should only be for about a month or so but we’ll see. I’ll also be attending a de-stress class to help learn new techniques to calming down and not letting things get me to the point of an attack. I’ve never dealt with this before so I need all the knowledge I can get.

Because of my stress though…I’m less likely to be online and writing. So I must ask you for your patience and understanding. I’ll write when I’m in a good place. Otherwise, I won’t….or at least not publicly.

So…here is today. Today is a good day.

Today there are two posts. This and one other.

I’m trying to be back. Let’s see if I succeed.

All the best….

©2012 Gori Rajkumari. All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “Where has Gori Rajkumari Been?

      • Same here Cthulu! I was so disappointed even with D-Mart veggies that I really gave up up on finding some great fresh shopping. But then along came Dorabjee’s with all it’s beautiful freshness and I was happier than happy!

        Used to be that we had to go really far to get to it, but now they’ve opened up a satellite store on our side of town and going every weekend or so is much easier.

        However, now that I know that Green Tokri delivers, I’ll only have to go to Dorabjee’s when I run out of canned or packaged goods! YIPPEE!

  1. I hope you feel your old self again soon. It is tough enough not feeling well, but certainly harder when you aren’t in your home country. My thoughts are with you.

    • Thanks Jenntell, I am feeling much better today. My husband, wonderful man that he is, took me out all weekend to get me out of the house and entertained. It was a whirlwind weekend of shopping for a zari sari and coffee houses and movies. I’m feeling much more relaxed and refreshed!

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